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Welcome to the website of C&E Translation & Advertising Inc.!

Founded in 1994 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, known as North America's gateway to Asia, C&E Translation & Advertising Inc. specializes in language communication services and localization services for print, web and video products. Our featured services include:

  • Language Communication Services - We provide translation, interpreting and copywriting services in many languages with specializations ranging from law, business, marketing, finance, science, technology to medicine;
  • Localization Services: Designed Publications - We have the expertise to localize designed publications into Latin-based languages, Cyrillic-based languages, East Asian languages, Middle East languages and South Asian languages;
  • Localization Services: Websites - We have the know-how to localize websites into various languages and handle all the complexities of modern-day websites, from HTML, ASPX, PHP and GIF files to dazzling Flash movies; and
  • Localization Services: Video Products - We have the capability to add subtitles to video products in various languages or to dub video products in various languages using professional voice talents.

We have been serving clients across Canada and the United States. We also have clients in Asia and Europe. We serve as an extension for advertising agencies, publishers, printers, graphic designers, Web developers, public relations firms, market research companies, video/movie producers and other service providers to meet their clients' multilingual and cross-cultural communication needs. See what our clients say about our services.

You may contact us by phone or e-mail.

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